DisgRace To The White House

Is a fast-paced, political, party game!

​Laugh, don't cry...

How it Works

Maintain the dignity of the highest office in the land by impersonating Trump's completely insane non-sequiturs. Fill in his idiotic Tweet blanks, and pursue the Oval Office by deploying alternative facts. Interactive, team-building, and generally outrageous, players shriek, squeal, and laugh--all at the same time. Game play constantly shifts until a President is crowned (okay, poor choice of words). Victory is never assured until Election Day, but even #Losers can capture the popular vote and win…absolutely nothing. Play it around the trashcan fire–it’s the perfect gift for the Trumpocalypse!


Impersonate mind-numbing quotes from his very, very LARGE brain.


Watch heads explode: fill in the blanks from actual Tweets.


Amass electoral votes: even campaign in Wisconsin! (Too Soon?)


Who you gonna call? Vladimir!  


Real life disasters made just for you.

How do I Get a Board Game?

Our Kickstarter Race is On!


Let the race begin!  ​

​We have causes to fight for no matter who is in office. A percentage of the proceeds from sales of this game will go to organizations threatened by this administration. We look forward to you joining us.  

Meet the Resistance

On a dim morning, pant suit crumpled on the floor, the story began...

​The craziness erupted on November 9th, 2016, when we all woke up to a complete and utter nightmare. Days.. weeks… months passed. Who knew it could be this bad?  So many people in need of love, laughter and sanity! One day, still in complete despair, we made a joke about a tweet and a loud noise burst out. What was that? Laughter! It felt good. It felt great. We needed more. We started making more jokes - Putin, Mooch, Giuliani, non-sequitur sentences - they wrote themselves!  A smart sister said, "You know, this has the makings of a hilarious board game!"  And here it is! Just add a stiff drink and some good friends and this game is a party in a box. Remember - Laugh, don't cry. Spread the word about  DisgRace To The White House (AKA OMG we’ve elected a misogynistic, incurious, racist, liar to the greatest office in this country)

Every game piece, card, board, thing in the game is made from recycled materials or has been upcycled. Because global warming doesn’t exist.

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